Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Veggie Kids

Why start this blog?

As a child I ate what my family ate, but once I realized where meat came from, I didn't want to eat it anymore, but wasn't given a choice. Now as a parent, we are raising our kids on a vegetarian (no meat) diet and they are growing up to be happy, healthy little people. We do however, sometimes feel rather alone in our non-meat eating existence, it is not exactly a popular choice in most countries around the world.

Having grown up by my side in the kitchen, our kids adore cooking and we often watch cooking programs like My Kitchen Rules (Australia), Jamie Oliver (UK/US), Martha Stewart (US), Nigella Lawson (UK) and Master Chef (UK/Australia) together. It is fun, but also frustrating, there are rarely any dishes that don't feature meat on TV. It's bad enough when we go out to eat, to parties or to festivals where almost everything is made with meat.

Our 4 year old said recently, I just wish I could eat everything like other people, why is there so much meat everywhere? Her frustration has led me to start this blog to hopefully inspire other veggie families and kids to still be excited and inspired by what there is available for us online and around us that isn't made of, or from, meat. We hope it will at least be a place veggie kids (and their families) can feel supported for their choice.

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